Top Five Flowers that Say “I Love You”

With Valentine’s Day just a couple days away, you should decide on what flowers to give to your loved one. You could always ask her what her favorite flower is, or you could represent something special with your arrangement. We’ve made a list of the most popular flowers that represent love, along with their more specific meanings to help you out this year.

1 – Red Rose: The red rose is a classic representation of a respectful, passionate love. They are the perfect flower for a romantic dinner and considered the iconic flower of Valentine’s Day.

2 – Tulip: A red tulip expresses an incredibly deep love, pink is a sweet “I love you” and also represents happiness, and purple represents your loved one’s accomplishments.

3 – Lily: Lilies commonly represent love, devotion, beauty, and purity. Another meaning for lilies is “I love being with you”.

4 – Carnation: Carnations have different meanings depending on their color, just like roses. A red carnation symbolizes passion, white represents pure love, and pink means “I’ll never forget you”.

5 – Orchid: Orchids have several meanings as well, probably because there are many different varieties of orchids, but generally orchids represent love, beauty, luxury, strength, and affection.

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