Floral Cake Decor

Fresh floral cake decor is a beautiful way to add personality to your cake, and like the rest of your wedding flowers, can be customized to every style and budget. Pictured are a few of the cakes that we have had a hand in making, but as this trend continues to grow, there will certainly … Continued

Fire and Ice Roses: Flower of the Week

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, it’s a good idea to explore gorgeous blooms that are a unique and lovely as your Mom. This week we will be looking at Fire and Ice Roses, which put a different spin on the classic flower. Whatever you decide to pair them with, or if they are … Continued

Dogwood: Flower of the Week

  Spring, along with the Dogwood blossoms, is in full swing in East Tennessee. With the coming of these blooms and the month of April, we in Knoxville also celebrate the Dogwood Arts Festival┬áthat consists of numerous events throughout the month. One of the greatest of these events is set for this coming weekend in … Continued

Ranunculus: Flower of the Week

Ranunculus, our flower of the week, is currently trending as a flower used in wedding designs. Their size, variety, and unique texture make them a perfect choice for any bride; because they pair well with many other flowers, and can be used as either your focal point or an accent flower tastefully. The ranunculus symbolizes … Continued