The Pink Bride 2017

Once a year, we at Echelon Florist participate in The Pink Bride show of Knoxville. The event is a gathering of some of the area’s best wedding vendors, and it gives brides-to-be the chance to connect with and learn about these local businesses in preparation for their weddings. This year, our booth was set up … Continued

Flower of the Week: Anemone

{Photo Credit: Dani Rose Photo}   This week’s flower has a unique style and shape. The colorful petals and black centers of Anemones create a sharp, attention-grabbing contrast. They are the perfect bloom to feature in a bouquet, centerpiece, boutonniere or other arrangements. Anemones can be purchased year round, so they could be mixed into … Continued

Lavender Roses: Flower of the Week

The unique lavender-hued rose is less often used that traditional red and pink roses, but it is no less beautiful. Just like with other colors of roses, there are many different variations of lavender roses, some being fuller than others, and one even dark pink at the tips of the petals. Roses have different meanings … Continued

Ranunculus: Flower of the Week

Ranunculus, our flower of the week, is currently trending as a flower used in wedding designs. Their size, variety, and unique texture make them a perfect choice for any bride; because they pair well with many other flowers, and can be used as either your focal point or an accent flower tastefully. The ranunculus symbolizes … Continued

Tulips: Flower of the Week

Spring seems to have finally sprung in East Tennessee, and tulips are the perfect way to bring the blooming season indoors. Having over 3,000 varieties, you can find a tulip to match any home or wedding. The best thing about tulips is that they are usually available year-round, so can be used for any wedding, … Continued

Calla Lilies: Flower of the Week

Calla lilies have been favorite cut flowers for decades, mostly because of their year-round availability, and their wide variety of colors and sizes. They used to be most often used for funerals, but have become more popular for weddings and other special occasions. Oddly enough, calla lilies are not true lilies. The botanist naming the … Continued

Wedding Ceremony Style

                                                  Everyone knows that the ceremony is what people think of when they hear the word “wedding”. That being said, you want your wedding ceremony to be as gorgeous as you … Continued

Wedding Ideas: Centerpieces

  While the first flowers that come to mind when wedding planning are bouquets, the centerpieces at your reception are just as important. They really showcase the theme of your wedding, and bring everything together. Not to mention, they are usually the first things that your guests notice when arriving at your reception.   Centerpieces … Continued

Flower of the Week- Calla Lily

This summer wedding season, calla lilies (Zantedeschia aethiopica) , in all their vibrant color and size variations, are quickly becoming a favorite choice for outfit decorations, bouquets, room arrangements, etc. They are well suited for any ornamental need! Also called Trumpet lilies, Arum lilies, and Pig lilies, Calla lilies have an elegant, swooping curvature to … Continued