Wedding Ideas: Centerpieces

  While the first flowers that come to mind when wedding planning are bouquets, the centerpieces at your reception are just as important. They really showcase the theme of your wedding, and bring everything together. Not to mention, they are usually the first things that your guests notice when arriving at your reception.   Centerpieces … Continued

Valentines Day Flowers

February is here so that means we need to talk about Valentines Day!  The one thing I am sure you all know is the price of roses go way up!! The old supply and demand thing. We will have a beautiful selection of all sizes and colors of roses to please every eye and budget.  We will … Continued

Lessons From the Flowers: Facing the Sun with Phototropic Plants

Flowers are undoubtedly some of the Earth’s finest life forms, being aesthetically pleasing, mentally stimulating, satisfying in fragrance, even scientifically proven to be emotionally and physically healing. In addition to the many wonders in the blossoming gifts of the botanical world, there is also much to be learned when we look further into the mechanics … Continued

Regrowing Flowers and Herbs from Cut Stems

A bittersweet aspect of receiving a gorgeous flower gift  you love is the inevitable fact that plants in containers have a much shorter lifespan than those in the ground. However, there are actually a number of flowers and herbs of which you can regenerate an entirely new plant  from the leftovers of the original arrangement! The portions taken from … Continued

Flower Of The Week: Valentine’s Day Edition

Valentine’s day is approaching quickly, so it’s time to get those orders called in! Here are the prices of our Valentine’s Day arrangements & our Valentine’s day specials: Bud Vase with 1 Rose – $17.50 Bud Vase with 2 Roses – $22.50 Bud Vase with 3 Roses – $27.50 1 dozen Cash & Carry Colored Roses – … Continued

How to choose a bouquet to suit your body shape

This is a really informative article from a UK based website called Something you may not think about when choosing your wedding flowers is whether the shape of your bouquet is going to be flattering to your body type. Click the link below to read some great tips about which bouquet shapes flatter your figure! Bouquets … Continued

Social Media Special

As a thank-you to everyone who follows any or all of our social media we are offering a special for you! Just mention that you saw this on our blog, facebook, or twitter and you will recive a special price on Gerbera daisies only  $1.50 per stem! That’s a 50% savings! (While Supplies Last) Also, … Continued

Floral Lingo

A couple posts ago we talked about the difference between pavé and traditional floral arrangements. Another option you have when purchasing a floral arrangment is whether you want it in a vase or in wet floral foam. Flowers tend to live longer in a vase arrangement because it is easier to recut the stems, but … Continued

Floral Lingo

If you’ve ever ordered flowers from a florist who does custom designs you probably were asked a lot of questions about the way you wanted your arrangement to look. That’s because there are so many different options these days and we want your arrangment to be just how you pictured it. The next few posts will explain … Continued