Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from all of us here at Echelon Florist. We hope you all are having a wonderful and relaxing holiday! We’ll see you after the New Year! Tweet Share +1 Share

Christmas Countdown: 1

We made it! Thanks for following our Christmas Countdown! Here’s one last idea to keep the kiddies occupied while they’re waiting for the big day to come! Homemade Placemats for Christmas Dinner You will need: • Construction paper or cardstock • Scissors • Glue • Pencil • Flat objects to glue into your placemat, like … Continued

Christmas Countdown: 2

Here’s a great way to welcome your family and friends to your home for Christmas. All you need is some pretty ribbon and a few sprigs of holly or other Christmas greenery to make your doorknob oh so festive and welcoming! Tweet Share +1 Share

Christmas Countdown: 3

For those of you still scrambling to get some decorating done here’s a really cute, quick, and simple decorating idea from Better Homes & Gardens. All you need are some ornaments in the same color family and some pretty candlesticks to set them on. If you use breakable ornaments you can secure them to the candlesticks … Continued

Christmas Countdown: 4

It’s getting so close! Here’s another variation on the candy vase. With this one you can use any candy, not just the sticks. What you need is a cylinder vase about 6 inches tall. Put a bud vase inside the cylinder and fill the space between the vases with whatever kind of candy you would … Continued

Christmas Countdown: 5

Only 5 days everyone! We hope everyone is having a wonderful week and getting to spend some time with loved ones. Today’s post is another great one for kids. Candy Cane Reindeer Supplies Needed for 1 Reindeer: • Brown, red and black craft felt • 2 plastic googly eyes • Hot glue and glue gun … Continued

Christmas Countdown: 6

Here’s another easy decoration idea for those of you that like the more natural look. Pinecone Ornaments from All you need are pinecones, ribbon, and wire ornament hangers. Tie the ribbons to garland, a curtain rod, a wreath etc. Use the wire hangers to attach the pinecones to the ribbon and you’re done! Tweet … Continued

Christmas Countdown: 7

Here’s a yummy recipe for you all! Mexican Hot Chocolate Mix « munchin with munchkin. There’s also a link to a recipe for Maple Marshmallows on the munchin with munchkin blog. Tweet Share +1 Share

Christmas Countdown: 8

These little cookies would be great surrounding a gingerbread house! Ingredients: Basic Sugar Cookie Dough Basic Frosting Star cookie cutters, various sizes Food coloring (green and white) 1 disposable frosting bag 1 coupler 1 size “5” decorating tip Rubber band Gum drops  How to make it: Prepare dough and frosting according to the recipes. Before … Continued

Christmas Countdown: 9

We’re in the single digits! Here is an ADORABLE homemade ornament idea from Things you will need for one ornament: • 2-inch Smoothfoam ball (available in a 6-pack at Joann’s) • Red craft felt • Ribbon • Hot glue sticks and glue gun • Scissors Click the link at the top of the post … Continued