Summer Weddings

We at Echelon are in the midst of the Summer wedding season! The colors and styles that come out during this season are amazing, and we’re so happy and excited to be a part of each of these unique weddings! Some of the colors we’ve been able to work with are shown above, but each … Continued

Lavender Roses: Flower of the Week

The unique lavender-hued rose is less often used that traditional red and pink roses, but it is no less beautiful. Just like with other colors of roses, there are many different variations of lavender roses, some being fuller than others, and one even dark pink at the tips of the petals. Roses have different meanings … Continued

20th Anniversary

This week marks 20 years that we have owned Echelon Florist! Thank you to all of our loyal customers for your incredible support over the past 20 years! To celebrate, come by this week and receive a ten-stem alstroemeria bouquet (pink, peach, or white) for $5.99! Tweet Share +1 Share