Flower of the Week: Anemone

{Photo Credit: Dani Rose Photo}   This week’s flower has a unique style and shape. The colorful petals and black centers of Anemones create a sharp, attention-grabbing contrast. They are the perfect bloom to feature in a bouquet, centerpiece, boutonniere or other arrangements. Anemones can be purchased year round, so they could be mixed into … Continued

20th Anniversary

This week marks 20 years that we have owned Echelon Florist! Thank you to all of our loyal customers for your incredible support over the past 20 years! To celebrate, come by this week and receive a ten-stem alstroemeria bouquet (pink, peach, or white) for $5.99! Tweet Share +1 Share

Valentines Day Flowers

February is here so that means we need to talk about Valentines Day!  The one thing I am sure you all know is the price of roses go way up!! The old supply and demand thing. We will have a beautiful selection of all sizes and colors of roses to please every eye and budget.  We will … Continued

Lessons From the Flowers: Living in Harmony with Symbiotic Plants

It could  be said that one of the highest states of evolution in the natural world is when an organism can develop mutually beneficial, or SYMBIOTIC, relationships with surrounding organisms. “As each new kingdom of life came about, the ecosystem on Earth became more complex and the bionic components became more interactive. Symbiosis, in a broad … Continued

Lessons From the Flowers: Facing the Sun with Phototropic Plants

Flowers are undoubtedly some of the Earth’s finest life forms, being aesthetically pleasing, mentally stimulating, satisfying in fragrance, even scientifically proven to be emotionally and physically healing. In addition to the many wonders in the blossoming gifts of the botanical world, there is also much to be learned when we look further into the mechanics … Continued

Echelon Moving Update

For those customers not yet aware, Echelon Florist is currently going through a major transition leading to a relocation in a different building in the Rocky Hill Center. Our new address will be 1260 Rocky Hill Rd. We are expanding the flower department, downsizing the gift shop. But this is great news for our gift … Continued

Fun Flower Facts: Impatiens (Touch-me-Not)

“when the mature seed capsules are touched ever so lightly, they will “explode” and send seeds flying through the air as far as 20 ft” Haha that’s pretty cool Tweet Share +1 Share