Flower Carpet of Belgium

Wow! I love huge flower installations, and the flower carpet of Belgium is no exception. Check out more awesome pictures on the Flirty Fleurs Website! Tweet Share +1 Share

Flower Of The Week

Sorry this is a day late. We’ve been so busy getting ready for our Holiday Open House this weekend! Stop by and see us if you can (click the link above for our hours and location). In honor of the shop looking so festive for Christmas I thought I would choose a Christmas flower to … Continued

Flower Of The Week

This week we won’t be talking about a flower, but we will be learning about a plant that is beautiful for fall! Croton Crotons are tropical plants and can only be grown indoors (unless you happen to live in Southern Florida). They have gorgeous variations of reds, oranges, and yellows in the leaves. Plants that … Continued

The faces of Echelon Florist: Caitie

Meet Caitie Cunic Social Media Manager & Designer Caitie’s Story: It’s kind of a funny story how I came to be a part of the floral industry. I graduated in May of 2011 with a degree in photography. I wasn’t so keen on running my own photography business, so I started looking for a job that I … Continued

Flower Of The Week

This week you get to learn about a great fall “flower” ok it’s not really a flower, but it sure is cute! Hypericum Hypericum is also known as St. John’s Wort, or most commonly as Coffee Berry. It is available all year and can be Pink, Red, Burgundy (pictured) , Peach, Orange, Green, or Brown. … Continued

The faces of Echelon Florist: Gary

Meet Gary Lee Anderson Award Winning Designer Gary’s Story: I have been in the floral industry for 28 years, starting at a Knoxville icon, Baum’s Florist, and ending here at another. I feel very strongly about education in our industry, and have been to most educational programs that have been offered in this area & … Continued

Flower Of The Week

This week’s flower is very popular for fall (if you’re not allergic to it). Solidago Solidago is more commonly known as Goldenrod and it’s growing everywhere around town right now! Goldenrod is always yellow and is very useful for a filler flower because of its fluffy appearance. Tiny flowers are clustered on branches coming from the top … Continued

The faces of Echelon Florist: Matt

Meet Matt Smith General Manager & Designer Matt’s Story: The flower shop has meant many, many things to me over the years. As the son of a florist when everyone else was sick as a child they got to go to the doctor. Not me, I went to the flower shop with mom. 18 years ago … Continued

Flower Of The Week

The flower this week is a really fun fall flower that kind of reminds me of a pompom. Safflower Safflower’s scientific name is Carthamus Tinctorius. It has many thin petals that burst out in a tuft from a green bulb. Each stem is 24 to 30 inches tall and branch out into 5 to 8 blooms. … Continued