Wedding Ideas: Centerpieces


While the first flowers that come to mind when wedding planning are bouquets, the centerpieces at your reception are just as important. They really showcase the theme of your wedding, and bring everything together. Not to mention, they are usually the first things that your guests notice when arriving at your reception.


Centerpieces come in all shapes and sizes, and each style is completely unique. Tall and slender centerpieces (like the first one below) are bold and eye-catching, while a small but colorful centerpiece makes a more subtle statement (such as the pink and lime) . The shape of your centerpiece says just as much as its height. The dark brown and green centerpiece on the bottom is whimsical and flowing, while the purple centerpiece has a more classic elegance.



Something important to consider when choosing your centerpiece is how well it matches the rest of your wedding. As stated before, your centerpiece is meant to bring everything together: your venue, your theme, your personal taste, etc. So keep in mind the over-all feel of your wedding when speaking with a florist about just what you want for your big day.


All arrangements shown are by Echelon Florist, Tennessee