Scabiosa Pods – Flower of the Week

Featured in a previous post of ours about flowers that are just a bit odd (which you can read here), the Scabiosa Pod deserved its own post! To start off, Scabiosa Pods aren’t technically a “flower”, because they are actually the seed pod of the plant; meaning that what you see is what’s left after the flower dies and the petals fall away. These pods have a much more unique and decorative pod than most flowers, which is making it more and more popular to be used in floral design.

Scabiosa pods are being more frequently used in wedding designs, and we can certainly understand why! With their very different shape and texture, they add an unexpected twist to any bouquet or centerpiece. They can work with any color scheme, but are most often paired with whites, yellows, and grays. They also look absolutely amazing with succulents! And if you’re planning to dry or preserve your bouquet, the Scabiosa pods (other than being a bit more brittle) are going to be almost exactly the same because they’re seed pods instead of flowers with delicate petals.

Scabiosa pods are surely here to stay for a while, and one of the best things about them is that you can get them any time of the year! With the current freezing weather, you don’t have to worry about the pods dying either, so they could be the perfect choice to brighten up someone’s day this week!

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