Rose: Flower of the Week

Everyone knows that the rose is the classic Valentine’s Day flower, so we thought it appropriate to be this week’s Flower of the Week. But did you know that roses don’t all have the same meaning? Each different color variety of roses represents something different than the rest.

Red – The red rose is the classic symbol of romance and affection, but it also represents respect. This is the most common flower given for Valentine’s day, especially when paired with some greenery and baby’s breath.

Dark Pink – When given as a gift, the dark pink rose represents thankfulness, whether for the receiver themselves, or something that they have done for you recently. Dark pink roses can be given to a friend or colleague, as a way to say thank-you and show them your appreciation.

Pale Pink – The pale pink rose symbolizes admiration, grace, joy, and gentleness. While they could be something romantic, they could also be the perfect thing for a sister, daughter, or niece to make her feel special on Valentine’s Day too.

White – The white rose has been often used in weddings for a few hundred years. It means innocence, purity, and new beginnings. When paired with red roses, it symbolizes unity.

Lavender – Traditionally, the lavender rose represents love at first sight, or enchantment. It has also come to symbolize royalty and majesty.

Yellow – Yellow roses can mean “You’re a great friend”, “I’m so happy for you”, or “Get well soon”. With their bright yellow color, they are the perfect way to cheer someone up and show them that you appreciate them being there for you.

Peach – The peach or coral rose represents desire, enthusiasm, and passion. This is a great way to show your loved one how deep your love is for them, while choosing something a little more non-traditional than red roses.

Thank you, and remember that Valentine’s Day is Saturday!

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