Leucospermum – Flower of the Week


Like scabiosa pods, Leucospermum is a strange flower that is quickly making a rise in popularity, especially for wedding flowers. However, Leucospermum has a different style than scabiosa pods, usually being paired with richer greens, oranges, and reds rather than the pastel colors that scabiosa pods are most often.

Leucospermum is a variety of protea flowers, which are becoming quite possibly the most popular way to add a wow factor to a wedding bouquet.

The name Leucospermum means “white seed” in Greek, named this because of the wispy white covering of the seeds. Usually, this white covering is removed before the flowers are used in floral arrangements.

When used in floral arrangements, Leucospermum provides a burst of color and texture that is very unique to this particular flower, giving it a rather exotic style. These flowers are also typically available year-round, making the perfect pop of bright color to surprise someone with during this gloomy weather!




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