Flower Of The Week: Valentine’s Day Edition

Valentine’s day is approaching quickly, so it’s time to get those orders called in!

Here are the prices of our Valentine’s Day arrangements & our Valentine’s day specials:
Bud Vase with 1 Rose – $17.50
Bud Vase with 2 Roses – $22.50
Bud Vase with 3 Roses – $27.50
1 dozen Cash & Carry Colored Roses – $19.99
1 dozen Cash & Carry Red Roses – $24.99
1/2 dozen Colored roses arranged – $39.99
1/2 dozen Red roses arranged – $45.99
1/2 dozen Premium Red roses arranged – $64.99
1 dozen Colored roses arranged –
1 dozen Red roses arranged – $64.99
1 dozen Premium Red roses arranged – $89.99

Valentine’s Day Specials
Tu-Tu Sweet
20 Tulips arranged – $34.99
Jungle Love
Unique tropical arrangement – $125.00
Ultimate Romance
1 dozen Premium Red roses arranged & 1/2 pound of chocolate covered strawberries – $99.99

As far as the flower of the week goes I thought it would be appropriate to list the rose meanings again. We get lots of questions about that this time of year so here is a guide for you to look at while choosing your roses!

Rose Color Meanings
Red: “I love you.” & Romance
White: Innocence & Purity
White & Red: Unity
Deep Pink: Thank-you
Regular Pink: Happiness (This is a great way to say “I am very happy with our relationship.”)
Light Pink: Sympathy
Yellow: Friendship & Caring
Lavender: Falling in Love
Orange: I desire you or I want to get to know you better
Blue: Mystery (Blue roses don’t exist naturally they have to be dyed)

Give us a call today at (865) 690-7427 to place your order!

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