Floral Lingo

A couple posts ago we talked about the difference between pavé and traditional floral arrangements. Another option you have when purchasing a floral arrangment is whether you want it in a vase or in wet floral foam. Flowers tend to live longer in a vase arrangement because it is easier to recut the stems, but floral foam allows for very creative and unique floral design.

Just in case you don’t know here’s an explanation of how wet floral foam works. The foam is made from a highly absorbant material and when it is soaked in water it holds the moisture for several days. Below are several examples of arrangements that were done in oasis that could not be done in a vase.

This whimsical arrangement is in a vase, but it is actually done in floral foam. The foam is wrapped in moss and then placed in the clear vase.

This arrangement is in a tray that holds a block of foam allowing the flowers to be placed in shapes and lines that would be impossible in a vase. Notice how the pink Gladiolus flowers are almost sweeping down into the arrangement creating a visually pleasing line.

Floral foam lends itself well to centerpieces because it allows for a long and low shape.

Floral foam also allows arrangments to be done in baskets.

As you can see there are many unique things that can be accomplished using wet floral foam, but as I mentioned earlier in the post the flowers will not last quite as long as if they are in a vase (especially flowers that require a lot of water such as hydrangeas) so if you want an arrangment done in foam make sure have it delivered no more than a day ahead of time to ensure the freshest flowers possible. If the foam is in a container that water can be pored into be sure to do that and it will help your flowers live longer.

Stay tuned for more Floral Lingo posts!

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