Dancing Lady Orchid: Flower of the Week

Oncidium, or Dancing Lady Orchids as they are more commonly known, are regularly used in floral arrangements, but are also grown as houseplants. They are identified by their flourishing petal shape, which resemble full-skirted dancers; hence the name, Dancing Lady Orchids.

While they are most often a vivid yellow with brown spots, Dancing Lady Orchid’s different species are also known to be red, white, or green shades.

Dancing Lady Orchids are available year-round, so they are perfect for an arrangement that you want during the winter months, but still want it to be fun, colorful, and not very winter-looking.

In floral arrangements, Dancing Lady Orchids are another one of those flowers that brings the perfect, subtle pop of color to an arrangement. They come in long stems, so they also create depth and structure to the arrangement while drawing the eye away from just the center.



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