Dahlia: Flower of the Week

Our flower of the week, the dahlia, is a frequently used flower. It is especially popular as a wedding flower, and is recognizable by its distinct petal shape and fullness. They provide texture to a bouquet or arrangement as well as body. When paired with another full flower such as the hydrangea, it provides a simple yet eye-catching element.

The dahlia symbolizes enduring grace, dignity, elegance, and commitment (maybe that’s why it’s a popular wedding flower) and is also a popular girls’ name.

Interestingly, the dahlia has the ability to be more diverse than most flowers because of it’s genetics. However, because of it’s odd genetics, it has been impossible to produce a blue dahlia so far.

Dahlias are a flower that can fit with almost every theme, budget, and color story. They are grown year-round, and  can be beautifully paired with many different flowers.



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