Billy Ball – Flower of the Week














Craspedia, or as they are more usually known, Billy Balls, are an adorable and fun way to add a pop of color to any arrangement. They are currently trending for wedding flowers, especially with Spring just around the corner.

Billy Balls add a unique color, texture, shape, and focal point to your arrangement. When using just a few, they provide a pop of yellow that can add the perfect touch of color to a bouquet of white or green. They can also be used as the main flower of an arrangement, appearing in larger groups with a few flowers of contrasting colors mixed in.

The Billy Ball flower means “you light up my world”, and can also represent good health or happiness. They are used most often in cut floral arrangements (and pair beautifully with succulents), but can also be grown in gardens, and they dry very well, often used dried for decorations.

The best thing about Billy Balls is that they are available year-round, so their sweet, yellow color can brighten any room, during whatever time of the year you need them to! Their shape and size are the perfect thing to cheer anyone up, and they can always be paired with your other favorite flowers.



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