Valentine’s Day Ideas



Valentine’s Day is this month! That’s why today we’re bringing you a few ideas of how to personalize the perfect arrangement to make Valentine’s Day special for someone you know! All of these designs feature roses, but they could easily be exchanged for carnations, daisies, or another bloom of your choice to customize your arrangement to suit you and your loved one.

Classic Valentine’s Day arrangements usually feature roses, and have a focal color of pink or red. However, this again can be made personal by perhaps using a favorite flower or color instead.

The options of your Valentine’s Day arrangement are endless. You could choose to have a whole arrangement of one flower (like the first and last examples), or have a main flower with greenery and other accenting flowers (as in the second and fifth photos). The third and fourth shown bouquets give the example of more than one variation of the same flower used to create an arrangement.

Call us today, and we’ll be happy to customize your arrangement details into something perfect for your Valentine!

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